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Web based software

Bespoke web based software design, intranets and off-the-shelf website customisation

We've developed varied types of software from touch screens, exhibition interactions and stock management to staff training and evaluation - heck, we have even built mini mars rover robot. So let us find and develop the perfect solution to your web development and software needs. 



Structuring & streamlining workflow productivity through web development

If your objective is to streamline tasks, data management, customer interaction or relationship management, web portals that use a network connection to engage, or if you are unsure about how to approach a task or not sure how to go about it - then we can help. We can design, build and produce the software you need.

Open Source Software


Open Source web development solutions

There are plenty of ready made, out-of-the-box, tried and tested, Open Source solutions already built that could be the ideal solution for streamlining your workflow or solving a problem. Generally speaking they can be bolted on or repurposed to sit tidily with exsisting solutions or become the new solution. However it needs to work we have the experience with developing in all kinds of software to get your problem solved. For instance, popular software development tends to be:

  • Forums or blogs 
  • Analytical and evaluation
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems
  • Intranets, and extranets
  • e-learning and knowledgebase
  • Groupon clones
  • Complex booking systems
  • Advanced Ecommerce solutions
  • Property web solutions
  • Even reverse bidding  


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Web Design

Creative web design and intelligent website development solutions

Website Design

Website Hosting

Dedicated cloud hosting, mirrored backups, SSL hosting and more

Web Hosting

Web based software

Bespoke web based software design, intranets and off-the-shelf website customisation

Web based software

Content management systems

We use the very latest Open Source Content management systems

Content management

Search Engine Optimisation

We stick to Google's principles to achieve great SERP's

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Search Engine Marketing

Affiliate, PPC, adwords and content marketing solutions

Search Engine Marketing

Open source web development

We develop in all PHP OS technologies

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